We spend the majority of our working lives in our work environment. It is therefore logical that our work environment should be a place of friendship, pleasure, and of course, high productivity. What many people fail to understand is that a truly effective workplace fosters creativity, innovation, and relationships within a team of people.
One way to ensure a workplace runs smoothly is through the implementation of team-building events. Such events not only offer an avenue for socializing – something many hard workers have little time for – but also forge deep bonds between colleagues, enhance employee satisfaction and foster a positive work ethic. To promote the same, a session was conducted on 13th July 2021, where Grades I-III teachers made some noise in fun activities like “Appreciating each other”, “Strengths of my team”, “My team needs to work on”, “Guess the movie name!”, “Can you guess-Brainteaser” and “Solve the Jigsaw puzzles”. Through this session, we hope teachers get an opportunity to bond with each other to develop a harmonious working environment.