On 9th June Suchitra Academy once again proved that they CARE!. They care for the overall well-being of not only their employees but also their families. A wellness program ‘SAAHAS’ was launched in collaboration with YOUR DOST, a company that provides 24 hours counselling services.In the troubled times that we live in almost everyone faces stress and mental tension and with our extended families and friends being physically distanced is not helping at all. ‘SAAHAS’ provides a platform where one can seek help anonymously. The program was launched by the Principal Ms.Deepa Kapoor and the CEO of YOUR DOST, Ms. Richa. She explained to the audience the need for counselling through simple activities at the same time giving a detailed explanation of how to use their services. The session ended with a question-and-answer round. A dedicated 24/7 toll-free number was provided by YOUR DOST to facilitate the usage of their services by the grade 4 employees too.