With the growing interdisciplinary trend in academics, it is required more than ever to acquaint the students to

broader perspectives in off-beat careers. Keeping this in mind, on 9th April 2021, Suchitra Academy organized a session for the students of IX-XII  to introduce the subject of Sociology. The guest of honour was  Aishwarya Joshi, a research consultant based out of Hyderabad and an alumna of two prestigious institutions – Fergusson College, Pune and IIT Gandhinagar. Aishwarya is also highly skilled in qualitative data analysis and conversational interviewing.

She spoke at length about the meaning and types of Research and the skills required to become a researcher. The students were also guided about the choice of subjects they need to make as they reach Senior Secondary level in order to pursue a career in Social Sciences. Adding to this, there was a thorough discussion about reputed Universities/Colleges in India that offer rich coursework in Sociology and the subjects associated with it. The meeting ended on a highly informative note from which the students discovered a whole new dimension of a subject they have been studying for years!