“When you have fun, you are more interested in learning”.

Red is the sunset with a golden sun, red is a smile that brightens someone.

Red is my heart full of love, red is brightest in its form.

Pre-Primary celebrated red colour day on 9th April.  The colour red symbolises unconditional love and understanding, The Red Colour Day gave us many beautiful memories. All the children were brimming with excitement and were full of vigour, all dressed in bright red to match with the colour of the day – Red. They were all very excited and enthusiastic to show the red colour objects which they had grabbed from around their homes for an object talk session.

Sr. KG

This was followed by BINGO THE DOG – a fun drawing activity. Children immediately put red crayon on paper and were jumping with joy when they unleashed the surprise element BINGO the dog they set to find initially. The curious little minds said “BINGO!! We found you!”

This fun activity develops good listening skills and language skills, a primary avenue for cognitive development. Parents said, it never ceases to amaze them, the unique ways followed at Suchitra Academy to engage children. Sometimes, the effect of narrative intervention could only be for the joy of doing it and nothing else.

Jr. KG

The Red Raincoat story added more to the fun. Children were eagerly waiting to know when the little boy would get to wear the Red Raincoat.

Children actively participated and loved the Red colour song and tried to sing along with the video played. Flashcards of red objects helped build their vocabulary and surprisingly they were able to identify and name the red colour objects with ease.


We were glad to see the exceptional learning curiosity among the little children. They enjoyed displaying their red colour dresses and the red objects/toys to their friends. Later they had an amazing time exploring bottle cap printing which they all enjoyed a lot. A zealous effort by all the teachers to make learning exciting saw great results.

It was gratifying and encouraging to see the parents equally enthusiastic and enjoying the Red Colour Day Celebrations.