On 8th April 2021 as part of the special activity, the students of Grades III – XII were divided into groups and each group made a presentation on the precautions to be taken during summer. They also demonstrated different varieties of fruit juices with a twist and emphasized that they are more nutritious than aerated drinks.

To ensure that they follow a few tips to keep themselves safe from this unbearable heat, they conducted an activity in which they had to observe the level of water in a bowl when left outdoors overnight. They were able to relate it to what would happen to them if exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. Few students shared tips on how to protect themselves during summer.

Two things that are often synonymous during summer are the season Summer and Lemonade. Making lemonade was yet another great opportunity for students to build on their ability to follow instructions and practice their measuring skills. They thoroughly enjoyed the session.