We at Suchitra have always believed in creating a platform to have a healthy dialogue among all the stakeholders when it comes to making decisions for the well-being of our students. As we begin working on our yearly plans for another year of online schooling we decided to focus on the mental and emotional upkeep of our children which for us is paramount in the given challenging times. To take concrete steps towards this direction, few students of the outgoing batch of Class XII were invited for an open and honest conversation about the year that went by and to take honest feedback on how the different initiatives taken by the school last year helped them to adjust to this new normal and what more can we do in order to help children cope up both emotionally and academically this year. They brought with them the actual insights by sharing what they actually felt. The conversation turned out to be enriching and fruitful as students spoke their hearts out and came up with many important suggestions and mechanisms that we as school can continue to implement to help students cope up with stress and fatigue.