The 3 weeks long training on International Early Years Curriculum concluded with a Webinar on 27th April 2021. This session was facilitated by Mr. Neil Macrae.  All the webinars gave a wonderful overview of the IEYC. Key points of information that were shared will help the mentors prepare the Units of Learning and implement IEYC in our teaching-learning processes. It was a great learning experience that gave a lot of clarity about the importance of IEYC and implementation strategies.

A few highlights of the webinar are as follows:

  • Know the difference between long-term, medium-term and short-term planning of the IEYC.
  • Be able to plan for the delivery of an IEYC unit of learning.
  • Know the nine foundations of the IEYC and understand how they support our teaching practice.
  • Know the key principles of assessment and be able to identify approaches for assessment within our context.
  • Understand the progress in our own learning and identify additional training needs.