The second wave of the pandemic has taken the country by storm, causing an acute shortage of much-needed oxygen. Loestro, in partnership with IGEN+, had organized a COVID-19 fundraiser in the form of a masterclass with prominent industry experts on 22nd May, 2021. Eleven children from the school got the opportunity to interact with the best in different fields. These included Amish Tripathi, the banker turned author; Vikas Khanna the celebrity Chef; Kunal Kapur the actor par excellence; Rohas Nagpal, a blockchain evangelist; and Anil Srinivasan,the world-renowned pianist. Each Masterclass allowed the students to explore the nuances of each field along with the encouragement to pursue their dreams with passion without disregarding one’s failures and use them as a learning experience. All the sessions focused on the importance of hard work and positive attitude. In the words of Amish Tripathi, “one has to be the captain of one’s own ship”.