A large proportion of life is always spent in achieving career goals. Hence, it is important to make sure that the right steps are taken and career plans are made in the early years of life. Keeping this in mind, Grade IX and X students attended the introductory session of Univariety on 22 April 2021.

Univariety is a platform that aims to provide the best information about various careers that students aspire for. During the session, the host, Ms.Nidisha (a dedicated Career Coach and School Success Manager for Suchitra Academy) guided our students to make their Univariety profile and take a personality assessment test. This initial step will help the counselor get a better insight into each student’s goals and aspirations. Ms. Nidisha also gave an overview of what is to come and what information students can avail from the Univariety website like checking out the best universities for their courses, access to alumni profiles along with opportunities to interact with them. The session ended with students completing this initial task with hopes of more engaging and informative sessions with Univariety.