As part of the special activity conducted by Grades I-III on 18th June 2021, our enthusiastic kids were encouraged to share their summer vacation activities with their classmates. This was a fun activity that resulted in countless experiences and humorous stories. The kids were then encouraged to show their art or craftwork that they had done during summer vacations. The most beautiful aspect exhibited by these children was the eagerness to show their work and appreciate others. Also, our little tots of Grade I were very excited to draw their favourite summer activity. Grade II children demonstrated their vocabulary through the activity, “What new word did you learn?” and Grade III children shared two things that they liked or disliked about their vacation through a padlet link. These activities brought out the storytellers and the artists in them to the front stage. Finally, children spent some time bonding with each other.

Ms. Trisha Chakraborty, Vice Principal, conducted a session for teachers of Grades VIII-XII on Friday 18th June, 2021. The session was to build a common understanding on how to conduct Quality Circle Time with students of senior grades. The focus of the session was to help children reflect on issues closer to them. A framework was given to the teachers during the session that can help them to plan effectively.