Symmetry in everyday life refers to a sense of harmony and balance due to which an image looks more beautiful. It was also fascinating at the same time. To give the students of Grade-3 an essence of this beauty, a simple and thoughtful activity was conducted on 17th June‟ 21. The results yielded were awesome and it sparked their sense of curiosity. Also, it was easy enough for them to understand the concept through a creative learning environment.


It is more important than ever in these uncertain times to keep the students assured that there still lies a journey ahead. Keeping this in mind, Suchitra Academy partnered with Univariety to guide the students on how to apply to colleges in the USA,UK and Canada. To ease the complexity of application writing, solve the cluelessness of where to apply , on Thursday the 17th of June we had with us Ms.Alpi Jain who spoke extensively about the platforms that are used by applicants to apply to the prestigious universities in the respective countries. Further, she guided the students on how to make their application better and suggested online platforms to learn new skills as internship is not possible during the pandemic. Apart from this, students were informed about various scholarships offered and the skills that one may require in order to be selected for it. On the whole, it was an extremely informative session for the students which left them on their toes to start working towards their future