It’s school time again! After a brief period of rest and relaxation, 16th June, 2021 saw the students come back all rejuvenated and geared up for the online classes. The students were welcomed and were engaged in ice-breaking activities, which let them voice their hopes for the coming year. The students together created the ‟Board of Hopes‟ and filled it with gifs representing their feelings. The students were also shown videos of their parents expressing their aspirations for their child. It was a worthwhile moment to see students as they watched their parents speaking. Students portrayed their reflections for the coming year and expressed their excitement and joy of coming “BACK TO SCHOOL” .

Our ICT Mentor Ms Deepa KG briefed parents on joining classes through Google Meet, viewing and uploading assignments through phone, tab and laptop on the Google Classroom and converting JPG files to PDF files. This session was an attempt to orient parents about using these applications without difficulty. We hope the session helped parents in the use of these applications.

The morning of 16th June, 2021 was special for Grade II children as school reopened after the summer vacation. The day started with the welcome back activity and continued with a unique activity, where children ate fruits in the class along with the teacher. Children were excited to eat with their teacher. Through this activity, the teacher introduced the topic of the Digestive System and had a brainstorming session which triggered many questions among the children. The teacher then led the children to think about the Stomach, its location and function. The analogy of pounding nuts in mortar and pestle was used to explain what happens to our stomach where the food gets digested which created lots of curiosity amongst the children. These two activities were very exciting for the children and they connected well to the topic to develop their understanding.

“We are done with the summer holidays, but we were not bored at all.” This was the feeling of our Grade 3 students. They had to reflect on their learning uniquely and at the same time thank their parents for providing a safe environment during this pandemic. The students presented their work on 16th June in the form of gratitude cards and posters. Gratitude cards were made using the natural colours made by them with the imprint of a few vegetables. Posters reflected their learning on 2D and 3D shapes. Their work was a real feast to the eyes.