“Punctuation marks are like road signs; without them, we just may get lost…”-Nanette L. Avery.
On 16th August, Grade I children dived into punctuation marks with a hands-on approach. Each student used popsicle stick punctuation marks to practise adding full stops(.) and question marks(?) to sentences. This tactile activity boosted their understanding of the punctuation rules. But we didn’t stop there. We believe in taking learning to the next level, and that’s where the roll-the-dice game came into play. To make things more exciting, we introduced a game in which students rolled dice with specially marked sides, some showing a full stop and others showing a question mark. When a student rolled a dice and it landed on a full stop, they had to create a sentence that ends with a full stop. On the other hand, if they rolled a question mark, the challenge was to frame a sentence that concludes with a question mark. This interactive game added an element of unpredictability and encouraged the children to think on their feet while applying their newfound punctuation skills. By incorporating interactive activities, we not only made learning fun but also empowered our Grade I students to confidently use full stops and question marks. We’re excited to continue exploring languages together.