The crowdfunding program launched on the 12th of March, 2021 was an intensive 25 days of Productive, fruitful, and wonderful learning and it concluded on 10th April,2021. With this program that we choose, We had an opportunity to help the rural poor elderly, get back their sight through free cataract surgeries. We had 42 participants from Grades IX – XII. 21 of them exceeded the minimum target of Rs 21000. The highest contributors being Radhika Singh Chauhan and Hunar Lodha of grade XII.

The Power of Community

A big shout-out and congratulations to all our major contributors. We’re delighted to announce that our students have successfully raised INR 7,24,672 on the crowdfunding platform Fueladream to help the poor elderly people in getting cataract surgeries across Telangana. We would like to thank all our contributors for supporting this cause.