The tribes of India have one of the most stunning, glorious cultures; however, a lot of these cultures are unheard of due to the vulnerability of such tribes. On November 11, 2022 Grade VIII had a guest lecture on “Tribes and their Development” by Mrs. Vandana Rathi, District Chairperson for activities. She is a member of the Lions Club of Cosmo and has contributed to the development of many tribes of Telangana. The session began with an informative guide about tribal life, which demonstrated the pride and dignity of the tribes. The session emphasized self-sufficiency and unity among Indians. Ms.Vandana Rathi spoke about the pressing issues faced by the tribals of India and explained how these issues were mitigated. The students were also informed about the efforts made by the government of India to integrate tribals into Indian society and to combat their marginalization and development, closing the session with the true essence of ‘Unity in Diversity’.