The learning of IEYC Unit – ‘Brilliant Bug Ball’ has been made effective and enjoyable for the children of Jr.KG. With well planned activities, holistic enquiry and play-based approaches the ongoing learning has kept the curiosity alive in children after the Entry Point. Children had a walk around the campus to connect with the theme and to understand the natural world by exploring soil, sand, roots, leaves and pebbles. They were encouraged to make links to different creatures from their observations. Live minibeasts have been arranged in the classrooms for children to observe and differentiate between the characters. Children were interested and had a brave front to watch different minibeasts like ants, earthworms and caterpillars. Children were provided with hands-on activities like experiments, play dough activity, drawing and craft work. Weaving the topic with stories and beautiful songs, has generated a lot of excitement and learning in children. It was surprising to see how the thought process has been provoked when children started asking questions. Indeed the learning outcome would certainly be brilliant as they gear up for the Exit Point.