“Ms. RUCHIRA GHOSH – Congratulations to all the participating teams – the students, their teachers and parents who’ve worked hard together. Many of the project ideas were unique and inspiring. All teams demonstrated a deep understanding of Global Perspectives and showcased the skills they have developed during the course of their projects. I loved the confidence and the team collaboration during the presentations.
The teams that have scored higher points have had an edge in these specific areas:
1. The Team Report and Personal Reflection were written extremely well within the word limit and clearly explaining what worked well and what the limitations were.
2. Individual contribution and personal learning were clearly articulated.
3. The evidence of action was diverse (role play/ posters/ song/ fundraiser), and well presented.
4. The topic was explained from the local – national – global perspectives.
As one of the team members stated in their personal reflection – ‘this little guiding light of mine, I’m going to let it shine’. Let such experiences be your guiding light and keep shining always.
Ms. GEETA JAYANTH: Congratulations Suchitra Academy for the wonderful initiative of sensitizing the young minds to the issues the world is facing today. Indeed you all are providing meaningful experiences to the students. The world is going to be in the safest hands because of these young learners. Thanks to the Principal Ms. Deepa Kapoor and teachers, all participating schools and parents. The hosts were impressive. Congratulations once again!”