In today’s world, 3D printing and Robotics have become intimately intertwined. We all recognize that the principles of robotics serve as the foundation for 3D printing machines. However, as technology has advanced, 3D printing is now poised to reciprocate by aiding in the creation of robots themselves.
Training in Robotics and 3D printing goes beyond merely acquiring technical expertise; it’s about empowering individuals to shape the future. The capacity to conceive, construct, and program robots, as well as 3D print objects, serves as a gateway to innovation, efficiency, and effective problem-solving across a multitude of industries. As the world increasingly adopts these technologies, investing in training and education in these fields represents an investment in a more promising and brighter future.
Suchitra Academy, in collaboration with Creya Learning, conducted a training session on these skills for the mentors of the Makerspace Department on the 4th of October. These modules will be introduced to the students in the academic year 2023-2024, further enhancing their capacity to harness the potential of 3D printing and Robotics.