In an endeavour to enrich the practical knowledge of our learners and provide them with a holistic view of the intricate operations involved in food preparation, dishwashing, and ingredient selection, the students of Stage 2 were treated to a remarkable experience on 9th September.
They had the unique opportunity to visit a bustling, large-scale kitchen that caters to the culinary needs of our entire school community, including students and staff. This eye-opening kitchen tour allowed them to witness the seamless orchestration of activities within a culinary setting. They observed how the kitchen operated efficiently and effectively on a grand scale. The tour served as an exemplary showcase of how the fusion of technology and the skills of kitchen personnel can be harnessed to achieve efficiency and minimize waste. Overall, this immersive experience provided our young learners with a practical understanding of food processing management and encouraged them to think critically about the importance of keen observation in handling even the smallest culinary details. It was a valuable lesson in the art and science of cooking.