Grade VII PBL Inquiry Explores Survival Strategies
In the captivating PBL Inquiry titled ‘How do we ensure our survival under different conditions?’ our Grade VII students embarked on a journey of understanding various types of vegetation, exploring the associated flora and fauna, and unravelling the secrets of adaptation in diverse climatic conditions.
As a creative twist to this project, students delved into the unique facets of Jharkhand state, including clothing, food, crops grown, and traditions. This exploration served as a real-world connection, allowing them to contextualize the adaptations observed in the natural world. The interdisciplinary approach adopted in this inquiry not only enriched their knowledge but also fostered an appreciation for the intricate relationships between nature and human culture.
Through this immersive exploration, Grade VII students not only gained insights into survival strategies but also learned to view the world through a lens that intertwines the wonders of nature with the richness of human traditions.