As a part of the PBL Inquiry presentation, students of Grade VII came up with innovative models of various aspects involving sustainable development. It all began with highlighting the important terms in the given inquiry question – “How do we manage our resources effectively?” They came up with three important terms- management, resources and effectiveness. They discussed within groups to understand what these terms meant and then listed the concepts they thought would be covered throughout the inquiry. With the 6 C’s in mind and different thinking tools such as mind maps, tables and flowcharts, students came up with innovative ideas of working models. After a lot of brainstorming sessions, they came up with thoughtful and concrete ideas for models. With vast research on topics such as water, soil, food, air, shelter, all the human systems, plants, animals and other organisms, they summarized it using different thinking tools with the help of various ICT skills. Parents were greatly impressed with the whole presentation in terms of concept, presentation and communication.