The first academic committee meeting was conducted with the members of the committee on 22nd December 2022 for two hours. The members of the committee are – Head of Academics, Head of Examinations, HODs of all subjects, Curriculum Coordinators, R&D Associates (Disha, Curriculum Department members) and School Coordinator-Academics. The special invitee to the meeting was the Sparsh Coordinator (Guidance and Counselling Department). The meeting was led by Ms Trisha Chakraborty, Director Academics and the meeting started with a keynote address by Mr. Praveen Raju, Director and Ms Deepa Kapoor, Principal. The academic committee is committed to take the school to academic excellence. This means a lot of focussed effort on academics, starting from differentiated learning, a platform for gifted students, integration of various domains, and outstanding academic results to professional development for teachers and many more.