On Monday, September 11th, both our Junior KG and Senior KG students embarked on an exciting journey as they participated in the Entry Point activities for the upcoming unit in the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC).Our Senior KG students were greeted by a captivating skit, which served as their introduction to the unit titled ‘Little Builders.’ In this theatrical performance, our dedicated teachers took on the roles of various construction materials, workers, and machines, igniting the flames of curiosity within the young minds. The stage came alive with the spirit of construction, leaving our students in awe. Meanwhile, our Junior KG students were immersed in the world of ‘Animals our Friends.’ The teachers put on a mesmerizing performance that included the introduction of different animals, a special highlight on Old McDonald’s Farm, and a delightful group dance to conclude the skit. The energy and enthusiasm radiating from our young learners were truly boundless, reflecting their excitement for both presentations. As we kickstart this new unit, we look forward to a journey of exploration and discovery, where learning and fun go hand in hand.