I am Vanguru Srishti from Grade XI. I joined this school in June and got a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the production team for Radio Suchitra and Suchitra TV. We all were very excited as it was our first ever radio and news bulletin. It was very interesting and intriguing to work with an enthusiastic team. We had to use skills to interact and communicate with people. It gave us direct exposure on how the world of media works . The whole experience was definitely exhausting but did pay off in the end. We are all very glad to have been a part of this project as we learnt a lot and hope to learn more on the way

I joined Suchitra this year and I am so grateful to the school for this amazing opportunity of anchoring the first ever news bulletin of Suchitra TV, with my batch mate Anushka Dwivedi. Being in front of the camera for the first time was very exciting but I was also very nervous. Having to memorise the script in two days really helped my memory and I thank the production team who pushed me to excel. It is going to give me great exposure for my future in the field of media. Overall, it has been an amazing and fun time and I hope to get more opportunities.

Namaste, everyone my name is Abhishek Samuel of Grade XI D, I was a part of the closing bulletin that aired in the closing ceremony of the Founder’s Day. I was honoured to know that I was part of the first batch of students in the school’s history to do a news broadcast. The experience which my co-anchor Armaan and I gained through the shooting process was like no other. Being in front of the camera really boosted our confidence and improved our spontaneity. The sophisticated equipment used in the Suchitra studio was rivalled to those of real time news stations, the exposure we received as to how the work goes on to take up a challenge of releasing a news broadcast, the editing and the whole inner scoop. I am very grateful to the school, and my teachers that I have been given this opportunity. And I hope for greater things to be produced in our studio in the years to come.

Namaste, I’m Anushka Dwivedi, a student of Mass Media and I’m grateful to be a part of the first ever news bulletin produced by Suchitra Sstudio with my co-anchor Inaya Abdullah. It was a great experience for all of us and I was amazed by how things actually work behind a camera. This not only helped us with our people’s skills but also gave us insights on how to work with a camera and softwares. I was astonished by the exposure given to us be it the pre-production, the actual shoot or post production, the work was all done by the students of Mass Media. Overall, I’m very thankful for the opportunity and hope to be a part of many more events.

Namaste! This is RJ Nathan. I’m extremely grateful to Suchitra Academy for giving me the opportunity to host as the RJ for Radio Suchitra. This experience has helped me improve my speaking as well as my abilities to express emotions. Throughout the experience, I felt calm and confident knowing that there was a wonderful team of students and teachers backing me up. I’m really looking forward to being a part of future events at Suchitra Academy!