In a quest akin to that of budding scientists, the young learners of Stage 2 delved into the captivating realm of rocks. This exploration led them on a fascinating journey through the world of geological wonders. The journey commenced with a fundamental understanding of what rocks truly are.
These curious minds then engaged in discussions encompassing a multitude of rock properties, including colour, texture, and hardness. On the 11th of September, they had an exciting hands-on experience examining various rocks sourced from their immediate environment. Using these distinguishing characteristics, they skilfully classified the rocks they encountered. Moreover, our young geologists delved deeper into the practical applications of rocks, uncovering the invaluable role they play in our lives. They discovered how granite contributes to the construction of sturdy buildings, how crushed rocks form the basis of our roads, and even how precious gemstones and diamonds find their way into exquisite jewellery, all thanks to the earth’s geological treasures.