“Tarini of Grade VIII C has started a project to create dignity for waste pickers through art, technology and innovation. The project is initiated as “”Ashtami””. The project aims at utilizing the waste to create art work keeping in mind themes that are contemporary. She monetizes the art work and the proceeds are used for helping waste workers affiliated to SWaCH (https://swachcoop.com/) for procuring food and supplies. This project has three components:
Art as a medium of creating awareness about the story plight of waste pickers.
Organizing periodic waste collection drives in her society (the funds obtained by selling items collected during the drive are used for setting up scholarships for the waste pickers children).
Using technology and innovation to facilitate a better outreach program and create tools to reduce drudgery. For this purpose she is currently working on a mobile app that can facilitate waste collection vy linking SWaCH with prospective patrons.
Her blog can be found at https://rajiajwani.wixsite.com/projectashtami”