Charting the Cambridge Course – A Thoughtful Exchange with
Ms. Poulomi G
At Suchitra, we align ourselves with the foremost authority in international education for students aged 5 to 19—Cambridge Assessment International Education. In a recent session held on October 31, 2023, teachers from the Cambridge team had the privilege of engaging with Ms. Poulomi G, the esteemed Manager of South India CAIE.The focal point of this enriching meeting was to explore avenues for nurturing critical and creative thinking, fostering resourceful communication and collaboration, and moulding our students into confident problem solvers well-equipped for the real world.
Ms. Poulomi, a beacon of knowledge in the CAIE South India realm, shared her perspectives on the distinctive and diverse teaching approaches endorsed by Cambridge. Notably, she underscored Cambridge’s unwavering focus on application and critical thinking. With Ms. Poulomi’s insightful guidance, our Cambridge team is poised to elevate their teaching methodologies, ensuring an even more enriching educational experience for our students.