Celebrating the Vennelegadda lake revival!
Genuinely Yours…!
Vennalagadda thinks, when I will run dry
only the stones will remember
the rush of Vennalagadda water over their backs
and the currents that wore them smooth.
But Hurray! Suchitrans are kind hearted and will not let it happen
Cause they have embraced me
To revive the memories
of cool darkness the clans enjoyed
in the past times.
The fishes would now thrive
seeking shelter and finding home
The birds would come to drink my sweet waters
splash, chirp singing a song of praise
I would sing the song of Suchitrans
Remember the young enthusiasts laughing, playing, and reviving the Vennalagadda lake.
Even as people forget even as the riverbed cracks and thirsts the stones will always remember and they would wait
longing for the day
when one more time
the Suchitrans would be here with innovative techniques to revive the Vennelagadda lake.
Suchitrans in turn would be grateful for the memories they were able to create,
to enjoy the time they spent with me,
and I, in turn am thankful, for they helped nature to revive and thrive!