On 22nd August, an atmosphere of pride and accomplishment filled the MP Hall as we gathered for an assembly dedicated to recognizing the remarkable achievements of our middle school students and teachers. The MP Hall was abuzz with excitement and pride as we came together to acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments of our young talents and star teachers. The atmosphere was a true reflection of the hard work, determination, and commitment that our students and teachers invest in their pursuits. The collective efforts make Suchitra Academy a hub of excellence, fostering a spirit of learning, growth, and achievement. Let’s continue to celebrate achievements and inspire one another to reach new heights!
Class Upkeep Awards:
Grade VB: Ms Mary Arokia
Grade VIIA: Ms Uma

Display board competition:
First: Grade VB and VIIB
Second: Grade VIB, VE, VIIC and VIID
Third: VIA and VIIA