At Suchitra, we firmly believe in nurturing not just academic skills but also attitudes and life skills that are essential for success in higher education and the professional world. We have adopted Cambridge’s five attributes, recognizing that these qualities are vital for our students. This month, we place a spotlight on the attribute of confidence. Our teachers recently distributed badges to our students, kick-starting a discussion on what confidence means to each of them. To create a positive learning environment, students in Stages 1-3 were encouraged to write letters to their future selves, outlining their aspirations for the school year. Meanwhile, students in Stages 4-7 took charge by designing certificates of appreciation, acknowledging their accomplishments and setting new goals. To ensure that the spirit of confidence thrives among our students, our teachers will evaluate them based on various parameters. These include curiosity, the willingness to take calculated risks, maintaining a positive attitude with a growth mindset, building resilience, and fostering effective communication skills. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to instil and cultivate confidence in our pupils, empowering them for a bright and successful future.