Are we alone?
An age-old question that has captivated humanity for centuries, prompting millions to gaze at the stars in search of an answer. Today, human exploration has propelled us into some of the remotest corners of our expansive universe. At Suchitra, we believe that young stargazers should have a platform to pursue these profound questions and ignite their passion for the ever-expanding field of astronomy.
In line with this belief, on November 20, 2023, Grade X students experienced a unique opportunity to delve into the realms of astronomy and space science through a mobile planetarium. The planetarium, erected on the school soccer field, provided a 360° immersive 3D experience of the universe.
During the visit, students enjoyed a full dome show covering topics such as the solar system, black holes, red giants, comets, and the birth of the universe. They also gained insights into recent satellite launches and the intricate network of the multiverse. This planetarium excursion served as a delightful and educational method to kindle the students’ curiosity and interest in the wonders of the cosmos.