On 9th July 2021, as part of the PBL inquiry ‘What does it take to make or break a shelter?’ The students of Grades V had a guest lecture on the topic, ‘The 4M’s of Construction’ by a renowned civil engineer, Mr.K. Sai Rama Rao, who has worked on various prestigious projects like the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium – Uttarakhand, the Amazon IT services campus – Hyderabad among others. In an engaging and interactive session, Mr. Rama Rao briefed the students about the processes, people, equipment, and materials involved in construction. Through this lecture, students got to know about the various levels of planning and coordination that happen between different professionals, to construct a building. They also learnt about the time, effort and money that goes into the construction and completion of projects. At the end of the lecture, the students had a chance to get their questions related to construction answered. The students left the lecture brimming with ideas and a better understanding of the entire process.