Visit to Osmania University

On the early morning of 14th July students were instantly mesmerized by the breathtaking old architecture of the National History Museum of the Zoology Department. It was the first stop and it did not disappoint. Biology students of Grade XI and XII were all smiles as soon as they saw the variety of curated specimens present in the room. They had an immersive experience of the museum guided by none other than wildlife biology passionate scientist Dr C Srinivasalu. The students had a million questions and Sir, ever so kindly answered them all. Students also visited his laboratory and were introduced to his current line of work. He revealed his lab has discovered 8 new species of animals and are on the pathway of continuous exploration. The students then visited the Botany department, where Dr Bhaskar introduced the lab equipment used to study plant specimens and make discoveries through their groundbreaking work. The best place to study about plants is between plants right in the lap of nature, the students visited the Botanical Garden where Dr Bhaskar introduced the students to various plant species. Overall, the students had an enlightening experience during the field trip to Osmania University.