Field Trip to Ice Cream Factory – A Sweet Learning Experience
As part of the 5th Project-Based Learning (PBL) inquiry, themed “How do I become a social entrepreneur?” Grade V students enjoyed a delightful field trip to Masqati Ice Cream Factory on January 8, 2024. This educational excursion aimed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing students with practical insights into entrepreneurship. The visit facilitated an understanding of business operations and the processes involved in bringing a product to market.
Students immersed themselves in the various stages of ice cream production, exploring planning, manufacturing, storage, and selling. Witnessing the packaging department and cold storage facilities offered a hands-on experience, enhancing their comprehension of the business. The trip concluded with each student enjoying a cup of ice cream as a token of appreciation. The outing not only proved highly enjoyable but also significantly contributed to the students’ knowledge and understanding of social entrepreneurship in the real world.