“When I look at a person, I see a person, not a rank, not a class, not a title” – Criss Jammi.

To adapt such a mindset our children of Grade VlI had a guest speaker session on 8th April, 2022. The session was on “How to overcome stereotypical mindset?” The students were enlightened by the information shared by our external guest speaker Dr George Reddy, consultant psychiatrist at Healthy Brain Clinic & Hospital. He has rich experience as a consultant psychiatrist at the National Institute for Mentally Handicapped (NIMH) and Honorary Consultant to World Health Organization (WHO) in the field of rehabilitation. Currently, he is the President of the Indian Association of Private Psychiatry, Telangana. Also, he is the founder of the Indian Psychiatric Society, Telangana. He also takes an active part in student sessions conducted by various organizations and has been successful in imparting his knowledge and expertise. Grade VII enjoyed the session and were very curious to know more on this topic.