On 7th September, Udaan, our endeavour towards career guidance gave the students of Grade XI and XII the privilege of taking a look into one of the many paths to be chosen in the future…The Ashoka University.
Mr Charan conducted the webinar and gave an insight to the various courses offered by the University. The under-graduate program with the foundation courses, the Majors, Minors and the Co-curriculars. It was a detailed and comprehensive session that let the students take a look into choices related to Liberal Arts, and various other diverse courses offered by the University.
The importance of critical thinking, soft skills, and a strong profile were the focus for admission. The presence of a strong faculty and the bouquet of facilities provided were emphasised upon as the students were taken on a verbal tour of the campus. Hobby clubs, symposiums, food photography, sports etc., were some of the attractions one could look forward to.
They delved into the placements offered removing the apprehensions regarding the future prospects of the students. Their collaborations with the best of the companies across the globe were impressive and educative. Students were explained about the importance of co-curricular activities in developing their profiles for seeking admission.
The session was truly engaging and informative and the students are looking forward to taking a virtual tour of the campus.