“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” — John C Maxwell. A great leader has the ability to inspire action through proper guidance and mentorship and uses their knowledge to educate others along the way. A great leader also practices what they preach by also “going the way”
To enhance the leadership quality we conducted a session for our Grade-VII students in QCT class, this session was conducted on 7th September, 2021. The session started with a small game which was focusing on leadership qualities, one child was chosen as leader and the other had to follow him. The one who was sent out of the class had to guess who the leader is? This activity also improved their observation skill.
Later on, students were given a chance to be a representative of the class, all the students participated in a JAM session to showcase and to justify that they can be the good representative of the class, after the JAM session, children also had an opportunity to vote the suitable candidate to be their representative. This activity made them feel very responsible towards their peer needs.