” Mental Health needs a great deal of attention. It’s the final taboo. It needs to be faced and dealt with” — Adam Ant

As a school with a vision of creating ‘lifelong learners,’ Suchitra Academy International School acknowledges that mental health and well-being are intrinsic to a healthy individual. The intention to ensure the well-being of their students encouraged the launch of a program – The Partnering Program. On 6th July 2021, students were oriented to this program during the assembly. Each student has been assigned to a partner-teacher who will be their friend, philosopher, and guide during these trying times. The students will have a period in their timetables devoted to this program where they get to interact with other students and do activities aimed at improving self-awareness, self-identification, and goal setting under the supervision of the partner teacher. The first session of this program was a huge success among students and parents as many have got back acknowledging the uniqueness of the idea and execution of the planned activities. Looking forward to mould more stable, creative, and healthy minds.