Zoom, Zoom, We Are Going to the Moon – ‘Blast Off’ Exit Point Extravaganza
On January 6th, 2024, an atmosphere of excitement and wonder enveloped the ‘Blast Off’ exit point event for Sr. KG. parents were treated to a cosmic spectacle as children took the spotlight, leading a captivating group presentation. The journey of exploration spanned from rocket launches to moon phases, showcasing experiential learning with day-night cycles and enchanting shadow play. Melodic tunes about planets and a mesmerizing dance depicting a beautiful rainbow formation to ‘Ye tera Wo tara’ added to the charm of the event. What made the occasion even more special was that the children not only performed but also acted as comperes, demonstrating their boundless talents and passion for learning. The entire event, orchestrated by the children from start to finish, was a testament to their creativity, knowledge, and love for exploring the wonders of the universe.