Pre-Primary celebrated Green Colour Day on 6th August. Sr. KG children looked adorable in green colour dresses and were all excited, when asked to draw green colour fruits and vegetables that they eat. A message, to eat all types of green-coloured fruits and vegetables to stay fit and healthy, was shared with them. To add to the fun, children had a great time guessing the different sounds played for them.
Jr. KG students and the teachers came dressed in pretty green attires and looked refreshing to the eyes. The students loved identifying and naming the green colour fruits, vegetables, leaves, trees and other green objects seen around them. Children were excited to show and tell about the green colour toys and vegetables that they were ready with for the class. Everyone enjoyed the story – The Green Frog and their day came to an end with singing the green colour song.
Nursery children were not far behind in celebrating the green colour day. They looked beautiful in their green colour outfits. They enjoyed playing the phonic game, loved the story and had fun singing and dancing to the tunes of the green colour song.
Overall a day spent well having fun and frolic associating well with the day – Fun Friday.