“Stories are memory aids, instruction manuals and moral compasses.” – Aleks Krotoski. We all grew up listening to stories from our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. Sometimes powerful, sometimes moral-based and sometimes just hilarious! Remember how much you enjoyed the story time? How magical it was and how much it made you wonder? Students of Grade I listened to the story “Don’t spill the milk” and were engaged in a fun-filled and interacting session on 28 June, 2021. Children tend to retain more knowledge when they can connect it with a classroom activity; so the students enacted as the main character Penda, carrying a pot of milk on her head using a cushion and trying to balance while walking. They could relate to how tough it was for the girl to carry the pot on her head and try hard not to spill a drop of milk. Sequencing of stories was introduced to students using colourful pictures from the story, they recalled the story and solved the picture puzzle by arranging them in order. Furthermore, students went on to illustrate the different settings in the story. The children thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the story.