Judge a book by its cover and then dive deep in! Reading is an interesting journey one embarks on, the characters in the book for companions. The readers experience the same emotions and their upheavals as the characters. Every page, every illustration, every word adds new perspectives and when the journey ends one cannot help but let out a sigh tinted with a bit of yearning for more. On 28th August Ms. Dalbir Kaur’s session on the Reading Programme not only helped the teachers of Grade III to VII and Stages 3- 5 to understand the art of reading but also gave them valuable inputs to facilitate the learners to read a novel with a new perspective. Apart from stressing on the need to start one’s journey by analysing the cover page which is otherwise called the “Preview and Orienting With The Text” technique, the need to “ Stop and Jot” after every major chunk, was also discussed. Ms. Dalbir also talked about the need to modulate one’s voice according to the emotions displayed by the character. She encouraged the teachers to use tools like the story mountain and the story arc to explore the story. It was a great learning opportunity for all the participant teachers who attended the session.