More Achievements to Celebrate!
In the Glendale Sports Fest Open Challenge Inter-School Athletics Competition held at Glendale Academy International School in Suncity, Hyderabad on December 28th and 29th, 2023, several students earned well-deserved recognition:
These achievements highlight the exceptional talent and dedication of our students in various athletic disciplines. Congratulations to all the medalists for bringing honour to our school!
Names of the students Grades Achievements
Yeshasvi Rajesh G Grade VI D Gold medal in the 100M U-12 girls’ category.
Preetika Sontam Grade IXB Gold medal in the 100M U-16 girls’ category.
Sagi Sri Waibhav Grade VIIIA Bronze medal in the 100M U-14 boys’ category.
Battala Siyona Kefira Grade VIID Gold medal in shot put in the U-14 girls’ category.
B Sanvi Grade IXA Bronze medal in shot put in the U-16 girls’ category.
Hriday Patel Grade VC Bronze medal in long jump in the U-12 boys’ category.