On November 28, 2023, Grade II students delivered an impressive 4th PBL presentation, with Heads of Departments in attendance to witness their impactful performance. The inquiry focused on the effective use of non-verbal communication in the context of safety, guided by the central question, ‘How do we use non-verbal communication effectively?’ The objective was to empower students with tools to navigate the world safely and confidently, instilling a sense of responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.
In a unique and engaging manner, the students prioritized safety concerns, particularly for those who had not yet started reading. Their innovative approach involved a silent act as a powerful form of non-verbal communication. Through this silent performance, the students aimed to captivate attention and provoke thoughtful reflection on critical safety issues in various settings such as home, school, and the road.
A highlight of the presentation was the students’ insightful perspectives on implementing safety measures. They demonstrated their commitment to the cause by generously donating beautiful and attractive safety signboards to enhance the school’s safety protocols. This not only contributes to the physical safety of everyone within the school premises but also fosters a culture of awareness and responsibility among the students.