Venturing into the Real World: Suchitra’s Internship Program
An internship is not just an educational opportunity; it’s a gateway to real-world experience and a stepping stone toward one’s career goals. Recognizing this, Suchitra organized an impactful internship program for Grades XI and XII students, spanning fifteen sectors across nineteen firms. From Fashion to Entrepreneurship, students explored diverse fields, gaining invaluable insights and practical exposure.
The internships proved to be a transformative learning experience, equipping students with a multifaceted skill set and a broader perspective. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the partnering firms, mentors, and associates who played pivotal roles in shaping this journey.
This program has significantly enhanced students’ technical and social skills, boosting their confidence, teamwork, communication, and creative thinking. The transition from academic study to practical industrial exposure was an incredible opportunity, as echoed in the testimonials of our students.

Prachi Bhasin, Grade XII B: “My Mass Media internship in the school studio was enlightening. Working with cameras and editing software deepened my understanding of media production. This hands-on experience solidified my passion for visual storytelling and reaffirmed my career choice. A brief but impactful 3-day internship that left me with a deep appreciation for the world of media.”
Anmol Jaiswal, Grade XII B: “My Manufacturing Industry internship at ‘Creative Print and Pack’ was rewarding. The guided tours of the manufacturing unit enriched my knowledge in the creative aspects of the business world. I learned about different machines, tools, and the importance of precision in manufacturing. This invaluable experience will undoubtedly shape my future career.”
Revanth Anil Kumar, Grade XII A: “My Software Development internship at SmartSoft India Solutions provided valuable insights into software development. Recreating the calculator app from front-end to back-end was challenging, but the support from my team and the Smartsoft staff made it successful. An enriching experience from planning to deployment.”
Meenakshi, Grade XI A: “In the Resolution Fetal Medicine internship, Dr. Chinmayee Ratha’s guidance was pivotal. Immersed in prenatal care, this experience solidified my passion for fetal medicine. Grateful to the doctors for the chance to observe and learn. A truly enlightening experience that my school made possible.”
Suchitra’s internship program not only exposed students to the professional world but also empowered them with skills and knowledge that will resonate throughout their careers. Kudos to the students for embracing this opportunity, and special thanks to the school for fostering such impactful experiences.