The most beautiful thing in the world is to see your child learning! On 26th November, Jr.KG students had a happy ending for their IEYC unit of learning – ‘GOING PLACES’. The unit was about the different elements of the road, vehicle and parts of a vehicle, and the road safety rules. It was an individual presentation by children who came along with their parents and confidently answered the questions put up by their teachers. Children could recollect and recite the rhymes taught during the unit and explain about the different stations put up by the teachers. It was an overwhelming moment not just for the parents but also the teachers to witness children speak fluently. On the other end, the Sr.KG Exit point for the unit of learning – ‘Going Places’ was organised on 3rd December. Different states of our country were introduced to children during their learning. At the exit point, five states- Punjab, Gujarat, Assam, Kerala and Goa’s culture and traditions were presented through a skit and dances. It was a proper depiction of culture and heritage through backdrops, costumes and performances. Lip-smacking snacks related to each state were served to all parents and students. Parents left with a smile and were happy to see their performance on the stage.