A transformative seminar on body shame and boundaries, led by Dr. Pooja Jha and Ms. Suma Singh, was conducted for parents of Grades IV–VII and Stages 4–7 on November 25, 2023. The workshop aimed to equip parents with essential knowledge and skills to enhance the safety and well-being of their children.
The presenters shared invaluable insights into tailoring safety discussions and offered practical tips for addressing safety concerns at different developmental stages. Emphasizing the importance of initiating open conversations, parents were provided guidance on recognizing potential signs and behavioral changes in their children without instilling unnecessary fear. The session also delved into digital safety, monitoring online activities, setting appropriate boundaries, and promoting responsible online behavior. The presenters underscored the pivotal role of parents in creating a supportive and trusting environment, encouraging children to share experiences and seek help when needed. This seminar proved to be an eye-opener, shedding light on crucial aspects of personal body safety, with parents expressing gratitude for the immensely valuable insights.