Bravery is the admirable quality of being able to confront frightening things. Bravery is just not about a knight battling a dragon, but it also takes bravery for a shy child to walk into a new classroom. In the QCT class of 25th January 2022, children of Grade II learnt about bravery and the bravery awards that are given annually to about 25 Indian children below 16 years of age for meritorious acts of bravery against all odds. It was an interactive session about the bravery awards given on Republic day followed by the narration of the incident about a 12-year-old Karnataka boy who received a bravery award for helping an ambulance during floods. In this session, children understood that bravery is not about fighting or showing one’s strength, but bravery is about telling the truth or admitting mistakes, trying to overcome one’s fear, helping others or asking for help if needed, speaking out when you see or hear something that is not right, trying new things all these show that you are brave.