“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”
Discipline is the need of the hour! It is a character trait which is crucial for expressing many other attributes in life. The importance of discipline was well-presented by the students of Grade X A through their special assembly on the topic ‘ Discipline -The Architect of Success’ on 24th August, 2022. The theme unfolded in the form of a beautiful dance-drama that efficaciously stressed on the importance of having self-discipline, time management and respect for others. The dialogue delivery, stage presence and nuanced acting of the students was indeed commendable. The electrifying dance performances kept the audience enthralled while the eloquent Hindi ‘shayari’ drew their attention to the core theme of having discipline in life. The assembly concluded with a mellifluous rendition of the song, ‘Hall of Fame’ and true to these lyrics, Grade X A students with their spellbinding performances have indeed made a mark in the hall of fame.