On January 23rd, our Junior KG students embarked on a thrilling exploration of Metro Supermarket as a part of our ‘Going Places’ inquiry. Beyond simply identifying healthy and unhealthy foods, they extended their observations to encompass personal care products, luggage essentials, and electrical items. The unexpected discovery of a ‘Forklift’ added an element of wonder, ensuring a memorable and impactful educational outing. Meanwhile, in the Senior KG class, the ‘Animal World’ entry point commenced uniquely with parents captivating the young learners through narrated stories enriched with creative props, expressive actions and vibrant facial expressions. These stories showcased a perfect blend of expression, confidence, diction, and presentation
skills. The session concluded with thought-provoking inquiry-based questions and engaging activities such as crafting binoculars and dancing to the infectious rhythms of the “Move It” song. This provided the children with a fantastic opportunity for self-reflection on their thinking and learning processes.